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About Yoran

‘It took me several years to starts studying what I loved for all my life’

Born in a family that was involved with the catering sector for generations, food always played an essential role in my upbringing. At the age of 25, while working in the airline catering business,


I started questioning our Western food culture and got increasingly interested and involved in healthy living, nutrition, and natural ways to heal. It took several years until I finally decided to follow my heart, quit my job, and start studying what has become my passion and an essential part of my life. Today I use my knowledge and life experience to inspire others to heal themselves from within


Education, Courses & Seminars

  • kPNI therapist - PNI Europe by Dr. Leo Pruimboom

  • Orthomolecular and Epigenetic therapist - Ortho Health Foundation (CumLaude)

  • Oersterk Coach - Training of OERsterk by Drs. Richard de Leth

  • HBO Medical Basic Knowledge according to PLATO standards - ConAmore (CumLaude)

  • Gut Expert - By Annette ter Heijden and Jolanda Doornbos

  • Medivere Gut Consultant - Trained by Marijke de Waal Malefeit

  • EMB Blood Test - Certified to perform and interpret this test

  • Masterclasses Stomach Liver Bowel - by Marijke de waal Malefeit

  • Masterful Breathwork Coach (level 1,2 & 3) by Kasper van der Meulen

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