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Laboratory Tests

‘Activate your self-healing capability’

If necessary or desired, tests can be done at professional laboratories to support the diagnosis or treatment plan. We will examine together whether tests are necessary and what test are needed in your specific situation. Lab testing can be done before the intake or after the intake.


Lab Examinations

Additional testing may be necessary to determine the causes of your symptoms and support the diagnosis. I only work with professional laboratories such as Ganz Immun, Pro-Health, RP Sanitas Humanus and These include blood, stool, saliva or urine analysis. I also perform several tests myself such as a fatty acid profile and the EMB test.

Blood tests

If necessary or desired, I can request blood tests for you. Everything can be examined, but we will make a smart selection together to keep the 

Some examples of blood tests

  • Hematology

  • IgG test for food intolerances (Imupro)

  • EMB test - Energetic Morphological Blood analysis

  • Mineral status

  • Vitamin status

  • Amino acid profile

  • Thyroid profile

  • Fatty acid profile 

  • Hormone profile

  • Immunology


Gut Examination

“All disease begins in the gut.” Hippocrates

In recent medical science, it is becoming increasingly clear that our gut and the microbiome (intestinal flora) play a major role in our health. Imbalances in the digestive tract can be the cause of many complaints. For example allergies, food intolerance, skin problems, depression, fatigue, stomach complaints, headaches, metabolic disorders. 


What can be examined in the gut?

  • The microbiome (a profile of bacteria that live in the gut)

  • Leaky gut parameters

  • Digestive disorders

  • Fungal infections and parasites

  • Bacterial overgrowth

  • The acidity (important for optimal digestion)

  • Tumor markers

Saliva testing

  • Stress profile

  • Several hormonal tests


Urine tests

  • Oxidative stress

  • Heavy metals

  • Organic acids (detects digestive disorders)

Hair mineral test

Through a hair mineral test, you get insight into the concentrations and proportions of minerals and the presence of any heavy metals that don't belong in your body. 

Other tests

More tests can be done. For example DNA testing. If you want more info, I am happy to go over the options with you!


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