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The Method

 “Start your health journey”

 “It is far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.” Hippocrates

Step 1


You book an appointment for a short telephone consultation (approx. 10 min.). This consultation is completely free of charge and aims to see if I can help you with the current complaints and the goals you have in mind. Of course, you can also skip this and book the intake-consultation immediately. 

Step 2

Fill in forms

Before the first consultation, you will receive an intake form and a complaints registration form. This information serves as a starting point to elaborate on during the first consultation.


Also, I will ask you to keep track of what you eat and drink (everything included and as precise as possible).


I would like to receive these documents filled in, 2 days before the first consultation. If you have done any previous studies in the past you can add them to the email, as all information is relevant. 

Step 3

The Intake

The intake takes approximately 1.5 hours. Trough an extensive anamnesis, we will look for the underlying causes of your health complaints (instead of just your symptoms).


If it is clear to you which causes are causing your current complaints, we can work together on a treatment plan (step 4). If desired or necessary, additional laboratory tests can be performed before or afterward to support the diagnosis. At the end of the intake, I perform a body scan with the Multiscan Pro. 

This measurement serves to support the diagnosis.

Step 4

The personal treatment plan

After the intake, I will create an extended personalized treatment plan that includes the advice I gave you during the consultation. 


This plan is built upon your specific situation and personal wishes and it contains advice based on; nutrition, exercise, relaxation, biorhythm, respiration, supplements & herbs. You can expect this document a few days after your first consultation. 

Step 5

The Follow-up

To achieve optimal results several consultations are needed. We will schedule a follow-up appointment after the first consultation. 


During the follow-up appointment, we will discuss progress and further optimize the treatment plan. 


Depending on the situation, between 1 and 6 consultations are required. Follow-up consultations take about 30 to 60 minutes and can also be done online.

Not satisfied?


If you have a complaint about my way of working or treatment, please email me directly. I intend to find a solution together, but in case we can't please contact the GAT.


This is an independent 3rd party that will provide support investigating and settling the complaint

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